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Best Workplace in Singapore? That’s us!

Best Workplace in Singapore? That’s us!

“And… for number 1 for the small category… we have… TC Acoustic!”
That’s right, TC Acoustic is officially Singapore’s Best Small Workplace!


At the Award Ceremony

It was an evening full of the all so familiar TC buzz as the announcement was made. The Great Place to Work award ceremony was graced by Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat. As we received the award, we knew we simply had to do what TC does best - make memories. We recreated the selfie we took on stage in 2021. This time, with the perfect angle and a brighter glow on their faces. 


Trust me, this wasn’t the only highlight of the entire course of the event. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


A Glimpse of Life At TC

Award ceremony aside, Great Place to Work, the global authority on workplace culture, invited us to take part in the Workplace Immersion Experience. We hosted 93 business leaders from all around the world. Companies such as Capella Hotel Group, DHL Express and even IRAS (the rare time we’d happily welcome tax officers into our office 😀) were represented.


Our CEO, Christian Honegger, also held a seminar to share about the principles set in place to maintain and uplift the right culture. It's no wonder 100% of our company finds meaning in their job, endorses that TC is a great place to work and more. Curious? Take some time to soak in the key takeaway from the Great Place to Work team. They hit the nail on the iron with this one.


Why Does This Matter to Us?

While the trophy now sits on our shelf, the biggest reward is knowing that we are still first and foremost our employees' favourite company. This award is simply a reflection of what the owners and directors of TC have built all along. This may only be the second year we’ve participated in the award, but right at our very core, we have been about People Above Profits, Relationships Above Revenue for years.

Like a well-oiled machine, this team knows how to work hard and play hard. Beneath it all, there is a sense of pride behind every task simply because they care for the business.

"When people feel cared for, they will also care for the company."
- CEO of TC Acoustic, Christian Honegger