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A company that puts People Above Profits? Yes it is possible!

A  company that puts People Above Profits? Yes it is possible!

It’s one thing to be proud of your company. 

It’s a whole other thing to be surrounded by colleagues who feel the same way.

Great Place To Work Stats

From TC Acoustic’s Great Place To WorkReport 2021

Being a Great Place to Work - Certified pulls back the curtain on what has always been at the core of our company – People. 

What is Great Place To Work™?

The GPTW Institute recognises “Great Workplaces” where:

  • Employees trust the people they work for;
  • Have pride in what they do and;
  • Enjoy the people they work with. 

This certification is based on an anonymous employee survey that captures their experience of workplace culture. Companies that meet a certain benchmark then get certified.

So, how do our employees feel about our company?

TC Acoustic Great Place To Work Singapore 2021

From TC Acoustic’s Great Place To WorkReport 2021

We are involved in decision-making processes and have an elevated level of responsibility for the company thanks to our flat organisational structure.


TC Acoustic in Hong Kong

TC Acoustic at an event in Hong Kong 

My part-time job that I never resigned from. 

When I came in as a promoter as a university student, I was not just trained to sell products, but my managers also taught me important values to grow in my character. 

As I was faithful to small things, I was gradually entrusted with greater responsibilities. In fact, I was even given the opportunity to move to Hong Kong and was entrusted to set up our HK operations from scratch – as a fresh graduate from university! 

Today, I am in charge of one of the company’s biggest sales accounts. I love being part of everyone’s favourite company where I get to experience many breakthroughs and achievements!”

— Chew Da Wei, Account Manager

TC Acoustic Great Place to Work 2021

From TC Acoustic’s Great Place To WorkReport 2021

We embrace fresh ideas and celebrate not just successes but also progress here at TC. On Wednesdays, we meet to share good news from different departments to encourage and inspire each other.

TC Acoustic in Hong Kong

TC Acoustic in Hong Kong office 


‘What do you think?’ is a common question heard in every meeting.

From the newest & youngest to the most senior & experienced – everyone’s ideas are always heard. 

When I was a university intern here, I sat in for Senior Management meetings, and was encouraged to speak up. To my surprise, my ideas were implemented!

I thank God I get to work in a company where my ideas are heard and my passions are valued.”

— Fanny Ko, Senior Marketing Manager


TC Acoustic Great Place To Work
From TC Acoustic’s Great Place To WorkReport 2021


At TC, we help our staff develop not just work-related skills, but also in their character. We are even empowered to give both time and money to the causes we believe in. (We have an additional 7 days annual leave to do so!)

We do not see our people just as staff, but we are a family.

TC Acoustic Company Meeting Training - Great Place To Work 2021

TC Ambassadors Meeting in our co-working space


What company would pay their freelancers and former employees even when they can’t work for you? 


During COVID-19 Circuit Breaker measures, our owners launched the #TCcares initiative to provide prompt financial help for close to 70 of our freelance promoters (and even former employees). As stores were shuttered, these promoters and their families faced financial difficulties overnight. 


Through #TCcares, many of our employees selflessly donated their Solidarity Payment from the government in support. TC Acoustic then matched every employee’s contribution dollar-for-dollar. That is why TC Acoustic is more than a company – we are family. “

— Tan Jian Ming, Head of Culture



“At TC Acoustic, we aim to be Everyone’s Favourite Company. But more importantly, our Team’s Favourite Company.”

— Christian Honegger, CEO


Our TC brand of Serving Happiness is only possible because each of our employees are cared for like family. Only then can we care for our customers likewise.

Interested to join Everyone's Favourite Company? Visit our careers page here.

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Note: Group photos in this article were taken pre-Covid.