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How does being part of everyone's favourite company sound?

Here at TC, we don't just sell products. We serve happiness.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be working in everyone's favourite company, you've come to the right place. At TC, you'll find various opportunities for students and young professionals. We promise to give you a valuable head start towards your future.

Open positions

Full-time and contract positions
Freelance opportunities
Management Trainee Program

This position is best suited for candidates who want to gain valuable experience in a managerial role with advancement potential. You will have exposure to rotations in (but not limited to) Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations departments. Through this, you can find the best fit for your skills and interests.

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Sales Executive

We are looking for a Sales Executive to execute sales campaigns and be the first point of contact with our customers in retail outlets. If you are passionate about retail and sales, you’re the person we’re looking for! Fresh graduates are welcome to apply.

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Brand Ambassadors

Love going the extra mile just to see somebody smile? Passionate about audio?​​ Our brand ambassadors on the sales floor are the face of the company that everybody know and love.

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We are looking for a Designer to create engaging designs according to requirements.

If you are passionate about design and have the ability to convey messages and information through illustrations and art, you’re the person we are looking for!

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Serving Happiness Executive

In TC, we don’t just sell products. We serve happiness. We are looking for someone who loves putting a smile on people’s faces and engaging customers. If ‘yes’ is your favourite word in the dictionary and you love going the extra mile for others, you are at the right place!

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Deciding what to do in the future is tough. 
But what if you had the chance to gain exposure in a company that invests in students and young professionals?

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Interested in other roles?

Interested to join us but none of the listed positions match your interests? Drop your resume with us and let us know your dream role in our application form! We will review your application and notify you when we have an open position.

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Meet our people

  • I started my TC journey 5 years ago as a part-time brand ambassador. Then in 2017, I started working full-time in TC.

    As a promoter, I wasn't just trained in my technical skills. Our ICs and channel managers also helped us to grow in our character by teaching us about faithfulness and integrity.

    As a staff, I also learnt to communicate better, to think out of the box, and to always find ways to meet the needs of others!

    Cheryl L.

    Online Operations Manager

  • When I was a freelance promoter as a university student, I was not just trained to sell products, but my managers also taught me important values to grow in my character.

    As I was faithful to small things,
    I was gradually entrusted with greater responsibilities. In fact, I was even given the opportunity to move to Hong Kong and was entrusted to set up our HK operations from scratch - as a fresh graduate from university!

    Today, I am in charge of one of the company's biggest sales accounts. I love being part of everyone's favourite company where I get to experience many breakthroughs and achievements!

    Chew Da Wei

    Account Manager

  • “What do you think?" is a common question in every meeting we are in. From the newest & youngest to the most senior & experienced - everyone's ideas are always heard.

    When I was a university intern here, I sat in for Senior Management meetings, and was encouraged to speak up. To my surprise, my ideas were implemented! I thank God I get to work in a company where my ideas are heard and my passions are valued.

    Fanny Ko

    Senior Marketing Manager