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What To Expect

We are looking for management trainees to help us develop and implement our growth strategies. This position is best suited for candidates who want to gain valuable experience in a managerial role with advancement potential. You will have exposure to rotations in (but not limited to) Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations departments. Through this, you can find the best fit for your skills and interests.

During your traineeship in TC, you will work on challenging projects that have a positive impact on our business. You will learn how to identify and apply important strategies and business processes. You will get to know the nuts and bolts of our company’s functions and operations. You will also support our management team with daily tasks. 

General Responsibilities

  • Understand each department’s (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations) daily processes and goals

  • Supporting the management team with various tasks (e.g. policy making, goal setting)

  • Participate in company’s strategic planning

  • Assist managers in evaluating performance (e.g. writing reports, analysing data)

  • Keep track of business revenue 

  • Research ways to increase profitability and lower risk in each department


  • Create and give presentations



  • A degree in Management/Business or similar/relevant field (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations)
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite, specifically Word & Excel programs
  • Excellent math and computational ability
  • Effective communication skills
  • Strong verbal and written presentation skills
  • Excellent coordination and time management skills, ability to meet and exceed project deadlines


  • Up to 2 years of experience in management or similar/relevant (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations)