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Working From Home? You Need At Least One Of These To Be Productive

Working From Home? You Need At Least One Of These To Be Productive

These days, “working from home” has become as ubiquitous an office lingo as “revert”, “circle back” and “low-hanging fruit”.

While we all love the perks that come with working from home (no morning/evening peak hour crowds, no need to get up an extra hour early, flexibility to wear whatever you want, the list goes on...), it can put a damper on your productivity (and comfort) if you don’t have the proper home-office set-up.

One thing we realised is that while some meetings are really (read: unnecessarily) long, meetings held over video-conferencing can end up feeling even longer when you’re not equipped for it. Admit it - while some of your true wireless earphones may have really long battery life, they aren’t the most comfortable when you’re in Zoom calls after Zoom calls.

And if you’re going without earphones, we’re pretty sure you’ve got moments where people can’t hear you and you need to repeat yourself, once again making the already-long meeting even longer.

So - we’ve gone ahead to put together a list of the most optimal audio products you can use for your conference calls and video calls. You’re welcome.


T5M Work From Home

With What Hi-Fi giving this a 5-star rating, you know these earphones have got to be good.

As has come to be expected of Klipsch earphones, comfort is a non-issue here. The patented oval-shaped eartips stay put in your ears, and the earbuds aren’t bulky either.

In an age of wireless, what we love most is the convenience that comes with wired earphones. Forgot you had a meeting coming up in 3 minutes? Just grab them, plug them in, and you’re good to go. No risk of any last minute panic when your wireless earphones refuse to pair.

T5 True Wireless

T5 True Wireless Work From Home

We won’t talk about the battery life or comfort here, because everyone knows that about the T5 True Wireless already. 

What we like about the T5 True Wireless is its handy advanced call button control.
Ever been in a situation where you’re trying to have a call at home but find yourself being interrupted by family members all the time?

To mute yourself on calls, it’s simple with the T5 True Wireless:

- When using both earphones: Simply press the Klipsch logo button on the left earphone one time.
- When using one earphone: Press the Klipsch logo button once on that earphone.
- You will hear a tone every five seconds to remind you that you are muted.
- To unmute: Follow the same procedure as you did to mute.

Want to end the call? Just double-press that same button!
Voila - we weren’t kidding when we say it’s really convenient.

Marshall Monitor Bluetooth

Marshall Monitor Bluetooth

This is a personal favourite of this writer. For one, we love how comfortable it is!

Even after wearing the Monitor headphones for long hours, you won’t feel any iota of discomfort or pain.

Call quality on these are legit too. You might not have the microphone right next to your mouth, but you definitely don’t need to specially raise your voice just to be heard.

What really amazed us was that these headphones barely needed to be charged.
We used them for 2 whole weeks without charging, every single day from morning till evening, and the battery was still at a solid level the whole time.

And last but not least, you get to ooze coolness just by putting them on.

Heritage Groove

Heritage Groove WFH

And to round this list up, if you’re not not a fan of headphones or earphones, we recommend the Klipsch Heritage Groove!

Equipped with one microphone for hands-free calling, Bluetooth® wireless technology and an 8-hour battery life, the Heritage Groove is the perfect company for your calls.

Bonus: investing in this means you’ll always have a good portable speaker ready for all your travels and barbecues with friends.

Well, we hope this list has been helpful! Stay safe and productive, folks!